Sport in the workplace

Corporate Activity Days through sport, Olympic Fun Days and sporting activity hire

The Benefits of Sports

Exercise and sports participation has long been established as an important factor in reducing the risk of many physical problems such as cardiovascular disease and obesity. Taking part in sport can provide many physical and mental benefits, this makes sport an important part of each individual’s life.

Exercise has been found to improve mood in adults and research shows that people who lead an active lifestyle are less stressed, more productive and take less sick days. These are all very important factors for any organisation!

Corporate Activity Days

Corporate activity days for London 2012 Olympic themed fun days and sporting events

With the huge international events sporting events in London in 2012, this is a fantastic opportunity to inspire your corporate team to take part in sport. There is vast focus on leading a more active and healthy lifestyle, but for some people they may need to be inspired to do this. We believe that by promoting sport in the work place this will encourage people to engage in a sporting activity. Our Corporate Activity Days can take a sporting theme to create an exciting and challenging event. Our Activity Days are sure to put a smile on everyone’s face and be the talk of your work place for weeks to come. We offer a variety of different activities that can be used in a number of ways to enhance a sporting experience. Let us help your organisation be the catalyst for inspiring people to take part in sport.

Our sporting activites can also be used to enhance and encourage team work. Please take a look at our Team Building Activity Day section for further information.

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