Why sport is important

Importance of sport at corporate events and corporate activity days with London 2012 Olympic themed fun days and sporting events

School and Sporting Activity Events

“Hosting the 2012 Games in Britain provides us with all sorts of opportunities to introduce young people to new and exciting sports. By giving more children the opportunity to try a much wider variety of sports we will be able to increase participation levels, widen the talent pool and help young people lead a healthier, more active lifestyle. “ Denise Lewis OBE, Olympic gold medallist.

Exercise and sports participation has long been established as an important factor in reducing the risk of many physical problems such as cardiovascular disease and obesity. Sport has many physical benefits, but there are also many other benefits that taking part in sport can provide, this makes sport an important part of each individual’s life. Schools, colleges and Universities have the opportunity to inspire and help young people get active and participate in sport. Sport can be a powerful tool for educational establishments to use. The Youth Sport Trust says sport can have a positive impact on young people in areas such as attendance and behaviour.

School activity days with sport and olympic themes for London 2012 Olympic themed fun days and sporting events

Taking part in sporting activities can be very rewarding. The Youth Sport Trust says Physical Education can be used to raise the self esteem of young people and give them confidence. There is a fantastic opportunity with the international sporting events taking place in the city of London during 2012. This opportunity should be used to engage young people in fun and exciting sporting activities, to help them develop their values.

Our Activity Days for Schools are designed to be fun, exciting, challenging and rewarding. We want young people to engage in sport and an active lifestyle. Some young people can be described as sedentary and do not participate in sport very often if at all. Our Activity Days offer traditional sporting activities with a twist. We believe this will encourage those who are disengaged from sport to participate and really enjoy something different. Some young people already take part in sport, however they do not always get the opportunity to take part in different or unusual sports. Our Activity Days for Schools will give young people the opportunity to try sports they may not have had the chance to try before such as Rock Climbing or Boxing.

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